Chinese Strategic Decision-making on CSR
Java Todays Programming Language Volume II
Controllability Identification and Randomness in Distributed Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management Functions Business Processes and Software for Manufacturing Companies
Containment Technology Progress in the Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industry
Photofunctionalization of Molecular Switch Based on Pyrimidine Ring Rotation in Copper Complexes
Road Lighting Fundamentals Technology and Application
The Golgi Complex Methods and Protocols
Multisensory Softness Perceived Compliance from Multiple Sources of Information
Technology for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Spatio-temporal Intertwining Husserls Transcendental Aesthetic
The Corona Problem Connections Between Operator Theory Function Theory and Geometry
Learning Motor Skills From Algorithms to Robot Experiments
Electronic Structure of Metal Phthalocyanines on Ag(100)
Low-Cost Solar Electric Power
The International African Library Series Number 52 Salafism in Nigeria Islam Preaching and Politics
Leading Pharmaceutical Operational Excellence Outstanding Practices and Cases
Cultural Synergy in Information Institutions
Corporate Governance and Contingency Theory A Structural Equation Modeling Approach and Accounting Risk Implications
Heavy Neutral Particle Decays to Tau Pairs Detected with CMS in Proton Collisions at sqrt{s} = 7TeV
Modelling Population Dynamics Model Formulation Fitting and Assessment using State-Space Methods
Consequences of Combinatorial Studies of Positive Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries
Health Science and Place A New Model
Statistical Methods for Ranking Data
Pediatric Surgery
Richard Ned Lebow Major Texts on Methods and Philosophy of Science
Shame and the Aging Woman Confronting and Resisting Ageism in Contemporary Womens Writings
Nutrient Delivery
Ferroelectric Domain Walls Statics Dynamics and Functionalities Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy
Continuing Professional Education in Australia A Tale of Missed Opportunities
Peptide and Protein Interaction with Membrane Systems Applications to Antimicrobial Therapy and Protein Drug Delivery
Narrative Philosophy and Life
The Tagore-Gandhi Debate on Matters of Truth and Untruth
Quantum Aspects of Black Holes
Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases From Basic Concepts to Engineering Applications for Air Emission Control
Structural Studies of Liquids and Glasses Using Aerodynamic Levitation
Indoor Location-Based Services Prerequisites and Foundations
Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Integral Electronics
Reproductive Decision-Making in a Macro-Micro Perspective
Probing Correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems at the Single-Particle Level
Science Gateways for Distributed Computing Infrastructures Development Framework and Exploitation by Scientific User Communities
Transforming Rural Communities in China and Beyond Community Entrepreneurship and Enterprises Infrastructure Development and Investment Modes
Non-equilibrium Energy Transformation Processes Theoretical Description at the Level of Molecular Structures
Variable Ordering Structures in Vector Optimization
The Power of Education Education for All Development Globalisation and UNESCO
Philosophy of Chemistry Growth of a New Discipline
Understanding Verbal Art A Functional Linguistic Approach
Piracy and surreptitious activities in the Malay Archipelago and adjacent seas 1600-1840
New Development in Robot Vision
Richard Ned Lebow Key Texts in Political Psychology and International Relations Theory

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